Style Your Email Signatures: Impress Your Clients

Have you ever received an email with a nicely styled signature? It makes an email look professional, and helps improve branding identity. If you’ve ever wondered how to do it yourself, it’s pretty simple.

Try a free service like, all you have to do is plug in your name and business information, the service will do the rest. Once you complete the form, it will display the signature for you to copy and paste to your default mail application.

Consider the following elements on your email signature

  • Call to Action: Ask your clients to like your site, or to review products.
  • Affiliate Programs: Do you have a referral program for new clients and customers, let them know.
  • Inform them of events: Let your clients know about important upcoming events.
  • Important policies: Do you have policies or terms of use regarding your emails. Make sure to let them know.
If you need help setting up your own email signature, give us a shout.