Divinitea: Certified Organic Teas

Project Description

Divinitea is the premiere supplier of certified organic tea in the United States. They hand craft all their USDA organic teas to order, and ship to customers as far as Taiwan.

In order to improve their web presence, we completely redesigned their website, and have managed their web marketing strategy.

Here are some of the things we did to improve Divinitea’s web presence:

    • Web Development: We entirely redesigned their website and expanded their product inventory to include more organic teas and tea ware. A mobile version of the website is currently in the development stages.
    • Rewards Points, Tea Club: We created many special eCommerce features to help improve sales and customer loyalty. We built a rewards points system that can be redeemed towards purchases. We also created a Tea of the Month Club for recurring subscriptions.
    • Search Engine Optimization: We updated their website to include important geographic and industry based keywords in their meta tags, headings, and page content, to improve search engine performance.
    • Product Photography Divinitea wanted to focus on high quality thematic product photography. We worked closely to create an artistic concept for their tea photography. Each product is a carefully crafted composition, telling a story behind the tea.
    • Social Media: We created their Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts. In addition, we merged them into one interface for easy simultaneous postings across multiple social networks.
    • Newsletter: We created and manage their email newsletters, to engage customers via email.
    • Print Advertising: We currently design all of Divinitea’s print advertising material.
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