January 2015 Small Business Marketing Calendar

Happy new year everyone! It’s time for a fresh start building your web presence! Check out our January 2015 Small Business Marketing Calendar. Here are some ideas to keep interest in your website during this post-Christmas lull.

Ideas for New Years Promotions

Check out our New Year Event Page for information on how to promote your business in the new year.


Aside from the New Year, another national holiday is Martin Luther King Junior Day. Visit our MLK Day Event page for information about how your business can help the community.

Re-Evaluate Marketing Strategies

Take time to look at the previous year. Take stock of what worked well and what didn’t work so well. Share new ideas with creative minds. Have a brainstorming session. Take the best ideas and come up with a plan. Schedule your promotions in advance. Try to stay at least a month ahead in your planning for upcoming holidays and events. This way, you have time to work out the kinks and give your customers advance notice of what’s ahead.


Take some time to look at our interactive marketing calendar for January. You can export it to ical and Google calendar format. You’ll notice that most of the month is dedicated to regular blog posts. If your business doesn’t have a blog, consider building one. It’s a great way to reach out to your customer, and is becoming more important now that Facebook is making businesses pay to be seen by their fans.

Check back here each month for ideas on how to promote your business in the months ahead, and subscribe to our newsletter for a friendly reminder of what is coming up!