How and Why to Follow News Related to Your Business

Businesses don’t operate in isolation, what happens around you has an effect on your bottom line. If you follow news related to your business, you can take advantage of emerging trends and new technologies, plus you can tap into your market and improve search engine optimizations efforts.

Tools for Following News

There are many news aggregators that help pool together stories from different sources. Here are some of the better known services, rated by my personal preference.


If your interests in news stories are based more on topic matter than news source, I recommend News360. The home feed reads like a personalized newspaper. You choose general or specific topics that you wish to read about. This is great to focus on your specific industry.

Another great feature is that you can thumbs up or thumbs down articles. The more you rate articles, the more News360 adapts to your tastes

Google News

Google News has some nice customization features that allow you to focus on a specific industry. You can add and remove sections, and rearrange them so the more prominent categories of news are listed at top. Plus, you can search Google News for specific keywords, which can help narrow your subject matter.


Feedly takes a different approach to news aggregation. It focuses more on the news source. When you search for a given topic, it gives you a list of news feeds that you can subscribe to. It’s up to you to pick which news source you want to add to your feed.

What to Do with News

Create New Promotions, Blog Posts Based on News

New health inspired stories, local events, or general catchy stories can inspire you to create a new promotion. If you populate your promotional landing pages with keywords related to recent stories and events, you can land traffic your site might not otherwise experience.

If you have a blog, news items are a great source of material. Commentary on current events also helps give your business a sense of authority. Popular news items often have a strong following as well, so you can scoop up some of that traffic.

Comment on News, Improve Inbound Links

There’s a fine line between providing insightful remarks and spamming other sites. If you simply plug in links to your website on other blogs, you risk being marked as a spammer and hurting your brand.

Avoid linking directly to products unless it makes sense for the blog post. Instead, consider linking to your own blog, perhaps a related article. Another option is simply to provide relevant comments, so long as you can use your brand name as the title of the poster, or a general link to your business website.

Share Articles on Your Social Network

Sometimes just sharing an article can be very helpful for your followers. If you consistently share articles in a given topic of interest, you’ll establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

Get Insights into Your Market

Following stories and comments can have a more indirect benefit to your business. The more material you absorb, the more insight you’ll gather about your market. This will help you make intelligent decisions about your business.