Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

Each industry has its own topics of interest. It’s up to you to do the research. Ask the questions that your customers are asking. That said, here are some general ideas for your blog post:

    • Sales/Events: Do you have any upcoming sales, events, or promotions? Use your blog to let people know in advance. Give people time to sign up if your event requires registration. Be sure to post on your social media and newsletter as well!
    • How To: Write a how-to guide featuring products and services that you offer.
    • Industry Trends: Are there trends in your industry? Is there a juicy news item related to your business? Post about it! Be sure to post in a timely fashion.
    • Product/Service Review: Write a review of products and services related to your industry, or that might interest your target market.
    • Book Review: Discuss insights learned from a book you recently read.
    • Create an infographic: Do you have a graphic designer? Ask them to make a helpful infographic using data in your industry.
    • Blog Post Review: Share a summary of a blog post you read and provide your own insight.
    • Online Resource Listing: Create a list of websites and online resources that help businesses and individuals in your industry.
    • Write About Your Business & Staff: Write a special-interest piece on your business. Perhaps a day-in-the-life-of piece. Or write a profile about a staff member.
    • Guest Expert Post: Have a guest expert post a special interest article.
    • Interview: Have an interview with someone in your niche.
    • Predictions: Offer predictions of trends or events in your industry.
    • Ask Hard Questions: Is there a controversial topic in your industry? Don’t sweep it under the rug, address it in a post. Try to see things from the opposing point of view.
    • In the News: Is your business in the news? Share a link on your blog. Do you have breaking news of your own? Post it on your blog.
    • Serial: Is there a topic that is too big for one article? Break it up into a series, with links back to each post.
    • Q & A: Open up the floor to questions. Ask your readership to come up with blog post ideas.

Need general advice on how to write a good blog post? check out our guide.

What ideas have you used for a blog post? Leave a comment.